Research-based criteria for designing and measuring user experience

How do users experience digital products? You might be surprised by the answer – they experience it in stages. Interface Guru’s Cia Romano developed the Usable Times 5™ methodology in 2001 after observing many people during one-on-one usability tests. The methodology can be applied to all digital interfaces, including websites, apps, touchscreens and enterprise software.

Usable Times 5™

  1. Orientation – Does the user know where he is?
  2. Permission – Is this what the user wanted to experience?
  3. Interactivity – Does the user understand what he can do?
  4. Relevance – Is the content meaningful to the user?
  5. Speed – How long does the user have to wait?

Did you know? Usable Times 5™ is based on the medical concept of Alert and Oriented x 4 (awake and oriented to person, place, time and date).

The six-step process

Years of experience led to Interface Guru’s six-step process, which ensures project goals are attainable within schedule and budget.

Build digital products the right way by leveraging effective planning for success.


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