Usability Testing

Objective, Quantifiable Measurement of User Experience

Metrics, surveys, and focus groups provide insights into your users – but they do not replace usability testing. You may know what your users are doing, but you don’t know why until you conduct usability testing.

Based on our Usable Times 5™ methodology, usability testing is the logical step between digital strategy and user interface design, ensuring your new digital product meets and exceeds user expectations. The proliferation of smartphones makes usability testing essential in today’s market.

On-site usability testing

Usability Testing in the Field

Interface Guru offers usability testing services for every digital device – desktops and laptops, tablets, smartphones, kiosks and touchscreens.

  • Includes user profiles, usability test design, usability test administration, and analysis of results (including full picture-in-picture video)
  • In-person and remote testing available
  • Bilingual services available.


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