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Digital Business Consulting

Will your product meet its goals?

Digital business moves fast, and each project is unique. Business leaders, managers, and product owners have relied upon Interface Guru’s evidence-based guidance for over 20 years. Start with confidential digital business consulting sessions for one to four executives. Then kick off your project with digital strategy workshops for your entire team.

Hand holding a white chess piece capturing a black chess piece People trying to find their way through a wooden maze Skyscrapers disappearing into a misty sky

Solid strategy from the outset can keep big projects from feeling like a maze. Planning for uncertainty minimizes risk and leads to success.

Digital business consulting

Confidential coaching sessions for executives and executive teams. Available as a convenient retainer service, hourly consulting, or on a project basis.

Digital strategy workshops

Expert digital strategy is the key to great digital products. Interface Guru takes you and your team through a proven collaborative process. Deliverables: A custom workshop for 6 - 12 participants, and a Digital Strategy Outcomes Report.

Areas of expertise

  • Prioritizing and phasing projects
  • Gathering and evaluating business intelligence
  • Measuring success
  • Shaping digital teams - which roles are key?
  • Bringing UX training to your team
  • Writing Requests for Proposal (RFPs) that ask the right questions
  • Making sure you find the right vendors

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