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User Experience Evaluation

Get a quick expert measurement of user experience

Interface Guru’s user experience evaluation ensures that your digital product is attractive – and easy to use. We apply over 21 years of user research to every evaluation. Even professionally designed websites can inadvertently create user experience problems; we help you identify and address them.

Perfect for anything from existing software to web redesigns, our UX Evaluation provides a just-in-time expert look at hidden hazards and opportunities for optimization.

Los Angeles Times home page Interface Guru UX analysis sample Los Angeles Time home page with component callouts Interface Guru sample UX report LA Times reading sequence

Our User Experience Evaluation identifies primary interaction points and user reading patterns.

What do I get with my User Experience Evaluation?

Interface Guru’s user experience experts apply the insights we have acquired over 20 years of user testing. Each UX Evaluation assesses your existing digital product for usability, brand consistency, competitive standing, and ease of key task completion (for example, registering for a course or renewing a membership).

Key points

  • Evidence-based user experience evaluation and report
  • Fully illustrated
  • Quick turnaround
  • Delivered as an actionable presentation deck for easy sharing with stakeholders, designers, and developers.
  • Essential for transaction-based websites and applications
  • Great for evaluating existing designs
  • Great for validating new designs

Getting started with a User Experience Evaluation

Contact us to learn more about what a UX Evaluation can provide to your team, including the diagnosis of common problems that may be impacting the success of your digital product.