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User Personas

What sets ours apart: Evidence-based audience segmentation

User personas can be visually appealing – but are they based on facts? Instead of relying on anecdotal or aspirational ideas, Interface Guru gathers research and takes your team through a process of discovery. The result: reliable user personas that reveal what your users actually need to do. Insights based on evidence help you prioritize and optimize product features.

Interface Guru example of a user persona profile Interface Guru example of a user persona profile Interface Guru example of a user persona profile

Our user personas are defined by evidence-based, specific criteria.

Assessing existing user personas: Red flags

You may have encountered user personas that look polished, but have little basis in reality. How do you know whether user personas are based on facts? Watch out for:

  • Interactions with your product based on what marketers hope the user will do
  • User characteristics based on who marketers hope is the customer
  • Your products have no competitors
  • No cited research or analytics are available
  • The user personas have remained unchanged for years
  • No one knows where the user personas originated, or, the user personas were created entirely by internal staff with no user input

User personas by Interface Guru

Interface Guru's user personas are based upon a combination of existing research, digital strategy, and user testing. We help you identify which criteria are most important to product success. And we clarify where user goals diverge from the organization’s assumptions.

You can rely on our user personas:

  • Based on evidence, defined by specific criteria
  • Real user priorities are identified and prioritized
  • Designed to be extensible as you conduct additional research or add products
  • Tailored to your specific industry and culture
  • Customized to your product or service

User personas are meant to be living documents guiding subsequent product development. Your team can add data to your user personas, and track subsequent user research.

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