User Testing

Bring human insights to your analytics.

User testing offers an incisive look into your customers’ motivations. Watch and listen as users describe their reasons for engaging with – or abandoning – your digital product. Are you spending more time on internal debates than listening to your customers? Spend some quality time with users instead!

Since 2001, Interface Guru has conducted thousands of user tests for clients across diverse industries. Learn more about our Usable Times 5 methodology.

You may know what  your users are doing, but you don’t know why  until you test. Contact us today to learn more about user testing options.

User testing in the field by Interface Guru

User testing in the field by Interface Guru.

User testing services

Interface Guru offers user testing services for every digital device – smartphones, desktops and laptops, tablets, kiosks and touchscreens.

  • Expert design of user tests tailored to your business
  • Reporting and analysis of results (includes full picture-in-picture video)
  • Complete video and audio recordings of each test session
  • Comprehensive analysis, reporting, and recommendations
  • Comprehensive user testing

    Get a clear view into the usability and user experience of your digital product. We observe users and measure their experience. These tests are moderated by an experienced usability analyst during individual one-hour interviews, conducted on-site or remotely.
    Best for: Complex digital environments; any website requiring extensive interaction or presenting a significant amount of content, such as cloud services, e-commerce, data and business intelligence, digital libraries, citizen science, media websites, insurance.

  • Rapid user testing

    Get fast feedback from people using your digital product. These brief tests reveal what your digital product conveys at first glance, and how easy it is for users to engage with it. Can be applied to any digital product.
    Best for: Quick analysis of navigation, brand messaging, and agile iterations.

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