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User Testing

Bring human insights to your business intelligence.

You may know what your users are doing, but you don’t know why until you test. Take advantage of Interface Guru’s global reach and international track record. We design and conduct state-of-practice testing with your end users. Watch and listen as users experience your digital product. The benefits of user testing are well-known.

Interface Guru sample user testing report with picture in picture 3 Interface Guru sample user testing report with picture in picture 2 Interface Guru sample user testing report with picture in picture 1

Above, services include picture-in-picture recordings of real people using your product.

Are you spending more time on internal debates than listening to your customers? Spend some quality time with users instead – especially before you redesign your website or software application.

Comprehensive user testing

Best for complex digital environments; any website requiring extensive interaction, such as cloud services, e-commerce, data and business intelligence, digital libraries, citizen science, media websites, insurance. Recommended in advance of, during, and after redesign.

Automated user testing

Best for agile iterations, provides crucial input on make-or-break interactions

On-site user testing

Best for kiosks, point-of-sale public touch screens, museums and science center exhibits. Identifies where and why abandonment occurs.

  • Available for any digital device
  • Includes custom test design, full video recordings, and complete illustrated reporting

User testing in the field by Interface Guru

Testing point-of-sale technologies greatly reduces errors and cost.

How user testing works

First, we get to know your team, your culture, and your industry. Then we create or amplify your user personas. Next, we help you decide how to prioritize testing. Finally, we conduct individual user tests. Interface Guru analysts then assess the results, and you receive fully-illustrated reports to share with management, stakeholders, team members, and vendors.

Since 2001, Interface Guru has conducted thousands of user tests for clients across diverse industries. Take advantage of Interface Guru’s deep experience and make your digital product as user-friendly as it can be.