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UX Design

Optimize user experience and boost your brand

Put UX design essentials in place while expanding your team's skills. Interface Guru's hands-on process teaches UX design while solving real-life project challenges.

 GUDMAP user interface - grid UX Design GUDMAP user interface - text hierarchy UX Design GUDMAP user interface - text as interface UX Design GUDMAP user interface - controls UX Design GUDMAP user interface - logical path UX Design GUDMAP user interface - colr and contrast, grouping, link behavior

Above, user interface optimization of the National Institutes of Health's GUDMAP data repository. Principles of user interface design were applied after UX testing.

Customer journey maps

The first step in UX design is creating a customer journey map. We collaborate with your team to create a visualization representing the ways a customer interacts with your brand in real life. Develop a deeper understanding of the role your product plays in the customer's life.

a wall-sized customer journey map annotated by UX testing participants

A wall-sized customer journey map annotated by UX testing participants revealed assumptions about priorities and terminology.

Task flow design

Diagram of steps in Cosmoquest citizen science platform

Analysis of steps in the NASA-funded CosmoQuest citizen science platform revealed where new users became confused.

The second step in UX design is creating a task flow - the step-by-step design of how a user will engage with a complex process - is essential to successful conversion. Essential to enterprise-level systems. Task flow design supports user engagement and completion of key actions such as registration, subscription, e-commerce, data analysis, citizen science, and online learning. This design process will produce task design blueprints and user interface models.

Information architecture (IA) and navigation design

The third step in UX design is creating and/or updating your product’s information architecture (IA) - the backbone of your digital product. We will help your team to reorganize and relabel your IA. Navigation design provides meaningful structure to your content categories and tags, increasing your product's usability. The result: an information architecture and taxonomy document that will guide further user experience development.

User interface design

The fourth step in UX design is user interface design - the step-by-step design of how a user will engage with a complex process. The user interface design is essential to successful digital interactions, and crucial to enterprise-level systems. We focus on text and button labels, images, icons, typography, color - all the essentials of excellent UX.

Facilitating success since 1999

Businesses, nonprofits, and US federal agencies including the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have relied upon Interface Guru's evidence-based methodologies for over 20 years.

Interface Guru clients: NASA, Lifetime, Crain, AGWeb,
				Pima Air & Space Museum, TV Guide, Smithsonian National Air and
				Space Museum, American Society of Anesthesiologists, Visit
				Orlando, Athletic Business, Cosmopolitan, NOAA, Playboy,
				Investment News, IEEE, IEEE Spectrum, IEEE Robots, Tucson
				Electric Power, Columbia Business School, Zooniverse, Canyon
				Ranch, Apriva, ASAE, University of Arizona, Seventeen, Discover,
				The Higher Learning Commission, Mystic Aquarium ASME, Kiplinger,
				Pensions & Investments, LSST, Arizona Lottery, MPA, NSF, The Old
				Farmer's Almanac, Chicago History Museum, National Museum of the
				United States Air Force, Syracuse University Newhouse School of
				Public Communications