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UX Training Workshops

Apply UX problem-solving skills to your current work projects.

Interface Guru’s collaborative UX training workshops are designed for up to eight participants, customized to your specific needs, and span one to two days. Whether you are a decision maker, a content provider, a developer, or a visual designer, you will get a new perspective on how user experience skills can strengthen your work.

Room filled with post-its, paper, tape, and diagrams leading to UI deliverables from a workshop

UX analysis of software application underway at Interface Guru’s User Experience for Developers workshop.

UX training workshops for visual designers

Learn the differences between print and digital design, then apply them to working projects. Attendees modify existing or proposed designs in class. Learn the fundamentals of user experience and apply them to your digital designs. Hint: Every component must add meaning. Duration: Two days.

UX training workshops for developers

Learn the fundamentals of user experience and how to apply them to user interface design, increasing end user satisfaction. Topics include human factors and ergonomics, layout, navigation, color usage, and control design. Bring an existing project to the workshop and improve its user experience as you go. Duration: Two days.

An attendee at an Interface Guru workshop

Interface Guru’s UX workshops leverage paper prototypes to free up the design process.

UX training workshops for content providers

Learn how to create content that enhances user experience by understanding user behavior. Attendees bring working projects to class and apply their new knowledge. Perfect for teams that need to align print marketing with digital marketing. Duration: Two days.

UX training workshops for decision makers

Focus on improving business outcomes via user-centric culture change. Identify where your organization can benefit from user-centric thinking. Recommended for one to four executives or stakeholders. Perfect during planning of a new digital product or redesign of an existing digital product. Duration: One day. A perfect complement: our Digital Business Consulting and Digital Strategy Workshops.